Answering Your Questions About Roofing

  • What You Should Know About Spray Foam Roofing

    8 November 2019

    There are a substantial amount of responsibilities that comes along with running a business, such as keeping everything on the interior and exterior of the building in working order. Although many business owners are good about keeping things in order, it isn't uncommon for the roof to be neglected until a problem develops. For instance, you might not know the roof is damaged until you notice that rainwater is leaking into the building.

  • Three Color Considerations For Selecting Roof Vents

    11 July 2019

    When you're having your roof replaced, this project will often include the replacement of your roof vents, too. If your roofing professional has indicated that he or she will be replacing the vents, the first question that you'll be asked is what color of vents you want. There's a good chance that you haven't previously spent much time thinking about the color of your roof vents, but now is the perfect opportunity to have some input on this part of the job.

  • The Benefits Of Thermoset Membrane Roofing For Homeowners

    18 May 2019

    Thermoset membrane roofing, also known as both EPDM and TPO roofing, is made from a variety of rubber materials, like EDPM, CSPE, and neoprene. This material is most commonly used on commercial roofs, however, it can be used on residential homes as well. If you are looking to have a new roof installed, you may be looking to find a material that is ideal for your home. Learning the benefits different materials have to offer can help you decide on a roofing material.

  • The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Roof During Different Seasons

    23 April 2019

    When your roof is showing signs that it is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may begin to think about a roof replacement. As you begin to think about this, you may find yourself wondering whether a certain time of year is better to replace your roof than another time of year. Each season has its own unique pros and cons for roof replacement. Learning these pros and cons can help you determine when the best time of year is to replace your roof.

  • Reasons To Have The Roof Inspected Of Any Business You're Buying

    13 March 2019

    Are you thinking of buying a business in your area? If so, you should have the roof inspected prior to signing off on the deal. A commercial roof is usually expansive and has many vents and other openings that require care and proper maintenance, and if a roof has not been professionally maintained or installed, you can run into issues down the line with the building you buy. To avoid potentially costly repairs or renovations, have the roof inspected on any building you are thinking of buying for the following reasons.

  • Environmentally Friendly Roofs: What You Should Know

    16 January 2019

    If you are the type of person who drives an eco-friendly car, uses your own grocery bags, and tries to live a fairly organic lifestyle then you may be interested in all things that are environmentally friendly. If, in addition to being green-friendly, you are in the market for a new roof, then this article is just the thing for you. Why? Because there are environmentally friendly roofing options for you to consider talking to your commercial roofing company about.

  • Commercial Roofing Tips For Your New Business

    12 December 2018

    Opening a business is a lot of work and you likely will have your hands full taking care of customers and inventory. But if you are owning up said business within your own commercial space, you also need to make sure you are performing maintenance as needed. One key area that can sometimes be easy to overlook on a commercial building is your roof. This is because you are likely spend all your time inside the building and don't actually have a chance to see the roof too often.